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International Conference on Oriental Thinking and Fuzzy Logic Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Fuzzy Sets in Big Data Era)(Second Announcement) (2015-05-06) [2015-5-6]
Our university signed the Exchanges and Cooperation Agreement with University of Valle in Colombia (2015-04-30) [2015-4-30]
Opening Ceremony of Sino-Russian Research Center of cross-border E-commerce is held on campus (2015-04-24) [2015-4-24]
Welcoming Spring to our campus (2015-04-20) [2015-4-20]
Two Mining Engineering Research Centers have been approved. (2015-03-01) [2015-3-1]
LNTU Alumnus Xu Huibin was appointed as the president of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics .(2015-03-30) [2015-3-30]
LNTU Alumnus Ma Xingrui was appointed as Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary (2015-03-30)  [2015-3-30]
Project of R&D Center on National Coal Mining Machinery and Equipment Passed the Acceptance (2015-01-13) [2015-1-13]
New Year Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition (2015-01-03) [2015-1-3]
Overseas Students Celebrated Christmas on Campus (2014-12-26) [2014-12-26]
Students from School of Geometrics Visited Russia for Internship and Cultural Communication Activities (2014-10-15) [2014-10-15]
A Signing Ceremony between LNTU & Da Lian RunJing Greening Landscape LTD Company on Campus (2014-05-06) [2014-5-6]
LNTU "Walking with Health"Started (2014-04-19) [2014-4-19]
Pan Yishan meeting Xi’an Alumni Association (2014-04-12) [2014-4-12]
LNTU Won the Second Prize of 2013 National Science and Technology Progress Award (2014.01.13)  [2014-1-13]
Prof. Wang Jiren was appointed as the president of LNTU (2012.12.29) [2013-12-29]
A Speech at the National Working Conference of Colleges & Universities Graduates Employment by Pan Yishan(2013-12-08) [2013-12-8]
LNTU Delegation are visiting Vietnam in this November (2013-11-26) [2013-11-26]
Welcome Freshmen Students (2013-08-26) [2013-8-30]
The Third English Speaking Contest was Held on YULONG Campus(2013-5-18) [2013-5-24]
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