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    LNTU students have their own choices in living during their university life. They can live on campuses which offer 15 student apartment buildings with 2,499 dormitories accommodating nearly 10,000 students. The students can also choose the off-campus lodgings which are located quite close to the university.
All life services like clinic, banks, fruits & vegetable markets, laundry and restaurants etc are offered in the living areas.

     Zhong Hualu Campus: 7 apartment buildings  
                                               958 dormitories
                                               2,500 students
     Yu Long Campus:  5 apartment buildings
                                        958 dormitories
                                        7,800 students
     Long Wan Campus: 6 apartment buildings
                                           958 dormitories
                                           8,840 students 


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ADD : Zhong Hualu Campus:No. 47 Zhong Hua Rd Fuxin city,Liaoning Province, P.R.C 123000 Hu Ludao campus:No. 188 Long Wan St. South ,Hu Ludao city, Liaoning Province, P.R.C 125105 Yu Long campus:No.88 Yulong Road,Xihe District,Fuxin city,Liaoning P.R.C.123009