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    LNTU offers various campus athletic acclivities for students. Adhere to the notion that one hour body exercise everyday contribute to working healthily for 50 years and living a happy life. The students can have an easy access to the campus facilities like gymnasium, indoor & outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, football courts, indoor badminton courts and outdoor volleyball courts. The Division of P.E Education carries out colorful group activities and competitions every year such as Field and Track Event, Relay Race Games, Tug-of-war Games ,Competitions of Football, basketball, volleyball, Table tennis and Tennis etc. LNTU Delegation participated in all level competitions and gained many municipal, provincial and even state awards.


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ADD : Zhong Hualu Campus:No. 47 Zhong Hua Rd Fuxin city,Liaoning Province, P.R.C 123000 Hu Ludao campus:No. 188 Long Wan St. South ,Hu Ludao city, Liaoning Province, P.R.C 125105 Yu Long campus:No.88 Yulong Road,Xihe District,Fuxin city,Liaoning P.R.C.123009