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             Schools & Departments

             1. School of Mining
             2. School of Business Administration
             3. School of Mechanics and Engineering
             4. School of Electrical and Control Engineering
             5. School of Security Science and Engineering
             6. School of Materials Science and Engineering
             7. School of Marketing and Management
             8. School of Sciences
             9. School of Software
            10.Graduate School
            11.School of Innovation Practice
            12. Division of Sports Science and Physical Education
            13.Division of Ideological and Political Theories
            14.Division of Basic Teaching
            15.School of Mechanical Engineering
            16.School of Architectural Engineering
            17.School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
            18.School of Mapping and Geographical Science
            19.School of Electronics and Information Engineering
            20.Department of Foreign Languages
            21.School of Public Management and Law
            22.School of Media and Arts
            23.School of Applied Science
            24.School of Economics and Management
            25.School of Continuing Education
            26.Division of Military Teaching
            27.School of Mining and Technology
            28.School of Environmental Science and Engineering


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