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Our university signed the Exchanges and Cooperation Agreement with University of Valle in Colombia (2015-04-30)
Our university warmly welcomes the delegates from Colombia on campus. Universidad del Valle is a public, state-supported university founded in 1945. It is the largest higher education institution by student population in the southwest of the country, and the third in Colombia, with more than 30,000 students. The university has two campuses in Cali. The main one, known as University City of Melendez (Spanish: Ciudad Universitaria Meléndez, CUM), is located in the southern neighborhood of Melendez and hosts the faculties of Engineering, Humanities, Integrated Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences and Economics, as well as the institutes of Education and Pedagogy, and Psychology. Its second one, located in the centric San Fernando neighborhood, hosts the faculties of Administration Sciences and Health. The University is considered a premier school in the country and usually excels in its Health and Engineering programs.
Ms. Ines Restrepo Tarquino, the director of CINARA Research Institute, introduced the research fields and latest development they had made in the public sanitary and environmental engineering, water resources development and environmental protection, and Liquid and solid waste disposal and recycling etc.

Based on the friendly talk, an agreement was signed. The two parties will start cooperation through environmental engineering in the fields of academic exchanges, scientific research and personnel training etc. , then gradually expand to other subjects.

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